you :'(

you were there to light my day ,
you were there to guide me throught ,
from my days down and on ,
i'll never stop thinking of you ,

how can  forget all that ,
when you're the one who make me smile ,
you always be a part of me ,
how i wish you were still mine .

never will forget the day ,
how we've met and came this far ,
we all know we got this felling ,
but some how it has to end up here .

i know it'sme who says goodbye ,
and that's the hardest thing to do .
cause you mean so much to me ,
and guide the truth from me to you .

for all the thing i've done and said ,
for all the hurt thah i cause you ,
i hope you will forgave me baby ,
cause thah wasn't want i meant to do .

you lagu ni i pnah bg dkt you kn .lagu nh ad sikit kot pasal kitaa i tk bole lupa kn lagu nh ,i pn tk tahu knapa .maybe i maseh sayang sikitt kot dkt you :)even kita dh tk de pape tk i ingt lg suka dn duka yang  kita rempuhi sama sama *cewah ayat :)haa lagu nh jd sejarah cintaa kita kn kn :)